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Tifton Campus

Tifton Campus

UGA President visits south Georgia

Calvin Moody, (pictured above, left) co-owner of Brooksco Dairy in Quitman, talks with UGA President Jere Morehead and UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean Scott Angle during an agricultural tour on Sept. 3. Read more about Morehead's visit.

showCAES student event

 Join us to learn more about opportunities for students at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. All 10th-12th graders and college transfer students are invited to attend. Parents are welcome.

The events will be held in Statesboro on Thursday, Sept. 25.

Read more and pre-register today!

Diaz-Perez finds balance for vegetable crops

Juan Carlos Diaz-PerezIn one of the top vegetable-producing states in the country, Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez, a University of Georgia vegetable horticulturist, works to find a balance between productivity and sustainability in Georgia's vegetable crops. Read more about Diaz-Perez and his research.

Peanut crop shows potential

Scott MontfortUniversity of Georgia Extension’s new peanut agronomist says Georgia’s crop shows potential despite a prolonged drought. “The crop has looked good, up until the last three weeks. We’re dealing with very dry conditions, and we really, really need a rain,” said Scott Monfort, who arrived on the UGA Tifton Campus on Aug. 1. Learn more about Montfort's work.

Heat stress on dairy cattle

Sha TaoGeorgia's hot and humid climate presents challenges for the state's dairy farmers. A newly hired University of Georgia scientist hopes to find some solutions. Sha Tao, a dairy scientist who specializes in heat stress physiology, recently joined the UGA Department of Animal and Dairy Science on the Tifton Campus. Learn more about Tao's research.

Scientist uses peanut digger to control weeds

A Georgia scientist is using peanut harvesting equipment to organically control weeds — particularly nutsedge.

Carroll Johnson, a U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist working on the University of Georgia Tifton Campus, is studying weed control in organic farming. Read more about nutsedge control.




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