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Byron Southwell

Byron Southwell

Animal Scientist

Career Highlights:

Dr. Southwell was the first Animal Husbandsman employed at CPES. He assembled the original dairy, beef and swine herds which were the basis for the station's highly successful livestock research programs. Under his guidance, the Animal Science Department grew to six scientists.

Dr. Southwell established animal genetic improvement programs in beef, dairy and swine. He began performance testing programs with Polled Hereford cattle in 1938, with one of the oldest herds in the U.S. on which such records were kept. He was primarily responsible for establishment of swine and beef testing stations, leading to genetic improvement of livestock for farmers across the state and Southeastern United States.


  • 1954: Progressive Farmer Man of the Year in Service to Georgia Agriculture
  • 1967: American Society of Animal Science Southern Section Distinguished Service Award
  • 1976: Georgia Cattleman's Association Hall of Fame
  • 1980: Beef Improvement Federation Pioneer Award
  • 1990: UGA Animal & Dairy Science Department Hall of Fame