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Research News

News from the Tifton Campus
Poblano Pepper

Compared to bell peppers, poblano peppers have a greater yield per acre and more disease resistance.

Author: Published 03/06/2018
Irrigation Maintenance

Proper irrigation maintenance helps farmers avoid system malfunctions during the growing season.

Author: Published 02/20/2018
Farming Workshop

Feb. 28 event will introduce producers to U.S. Department of Agriculture programs and loans.

Author: Published 02/20/2018
Conservation Innovation Grant

The grant supports UGA CAES research on the Tifton campus through July 2020.

Author: Published 02/15/2018
Blueberry Disease

Lime sulfur can reduce the amount of inoculum carried over from one growing season to the next.

Author: Published 02/07/2018
Pecan Pruning

Growers should train trees to have a "central leader," the main trunk going up a tree.

Author: Published 02/01/2018

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