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Extension Publications
Meat Goat Production in Georgia (B 1168) Published 3/22/2017

Goats are the most widely-dispersed meat animals and have been raised for centuries to provide meat, milk, fiber, cashmere and leather. Due to their small size, adaptability to harsh environments and availability, they have been more popular in nations lacking refrigeration, animal management skills and modern transportation. This publication deals solely with Spanish or meat-type goats in Georgia and covers their history, selection and management—from predator and disease control to reproduction and marketing.

Avian Academy Module: Poultry Nutrition (B 1471) Published 3/22/2017

This module describes the role of energy in the body, how much energy is contained in our foods, and how to correctly identify the key nutrient classes that our bodies require from the foods we eat. All of these components are related to the general makeup of a commercial poultry diet. The module is designed to be one in a series of publications to supply relevant educational content related to the poultry industry to agricultural teachers, STEM teachers, and the general public.

Anticipating Drought on Rainfed Farms in the Southeast (B 1403) Published 3/21/2017

Nobody wants drought, but it's been happening a lot in recent years in the Southeastern U.S. For farmers without irrigation, it may seem that little can be done besides accept what rain comes. However, by paying attention to forecasts and following general practices that help collect and retain moisture, risk can be reduced for all manner of future climate conditions. Here are some ideas for what can be done, centered around two practices: first, knowing what's in store; second, planning ahead.

Protect Children: The Delicates that Matter (C 1109) Published 3/17/2017

Simple steps can stop preventable accidents in the laundry room. Laundry packets are used by millions of consumers and households each year and contain a highly-concentrated, pre-measured dose of detergent. They are very convenient and easy to use, however, as with any household cleaning product, these should be kept up and out of reach and sight of small children.

Blister Beetles in Georgia Alfalfa Hay (C 917) Published 3/16/2017

Blister beetles sometimes infest forage crops such as alfalfa, where they may become incorporated in hay. This publication discusses biology, cause of illness and management of blister beetles.

2016 Tobacco Research Report (SB 63-10) Published 3/15/2017

This report contains the most recent results of tobacco research programs at the University of Georgia in 2016.

2015 Tobacco Research Report (SB 63-9) Published 3/15/2017

This report contains the most recent results of tobacco research programs at the University of Georgia in 2015.

2016's Best New Plants from the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia (AP 116-4) Published 2/28/2017

New ornamentals have long been considered the lifeblood of the green industry. This publication contains recommendations for best-performing new annuals based on research conducted at the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia, showcasing the plants that were awarded the Classic City Award in 2016.

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