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Tifton Campus Staff
David E. AdcockUtility Worker I
Gaurav AgarwalResearch Professional III
Corey AugustaIT Manager
Benjamin H. Baldree IIIAgricultural Research Assistant III
Larry M. BaldreeResearch Professional Il
Lea BarksdaleLaboratory Technician II
Anthony G. BatemanResearch Technician III
Jesus BautistaResearch Technician II
Jessica L BellResearch Professional I
Jennilyn BennettLaboratory Technician II
Tangee K BluskResearch Technician II
Kayla Louise BottonLibrary Assistant I
Stephanie E BottonResearch Technician III
Melissa BrannonResearch Technician III
Robert Edward BrookeReasearch Professional I
Terry Allen BrunerGrounds Keeper I
Jacqueline Annette BryantUtility Worker I
Bradford B. BuchananResearch Professional II
Ashleigh Grace BurgessResearch Professional I
John Gary BurnhamResearch Technician II
Bilal BushApplication Programmer Spec
Andy CarterResearch Station Superintendent
Amy Bowen CarterResearch Professional II
Bo CarverCAES Property Control Coordinator
Alan Keith CawleyUtility Worker I
Chris ChammounDirector, COIAG
Dana CheekResearch Technician II
Ashleigh EChildsVISTA AmeriCorps
Ye ChuResearch Professional IV
Caleb M ClementsResearch Technician II
Marcus Nathaniel CofieldResearch Technician Ii
Zachary Dewayne CollinsResearch Technician III
David CongerResearch Professional I
Ty CookLab/research Assistant
Walter Earl CookLab/ Research Assistant
Max CookFarm Equipment Mechanic/Operator
Tracey Marie CookFarm Manager
Sarah F CookProject Manager
Thomas D CookAgricultural Research Assistant II
Michelle CooperIT Professional Specialist
William CoxHerdskeeper II
Lesa CoxAdministrative Associate I
Chris CromerResearch Professional I
Sidney R. CromerResearch Professional II
Leslie J. CromerBusiness Manager I
Mike D. CrumleyAgricultural Research Assistant I
Dewayne DalesFarm Manager at Ponder Farm-Senior Agricultural Specialist
Anthony Mason DeanProgram Coordinator II
Yolanda DennardBuilding Services Worker I
Michael DonahooResearch Technician II
Pamela F DotsonResearch Technician III
Andrew David DunnFarm Manager
Dustin G DunnResearch Professional III
Brandon Michael EllisNetwork Administrator Specialist
Jeannie EvansAdministrative Associate I
Robert Jared EvansAnimal Facilities Supervisor
Eric EvansFarm Manager at Bowen Farm - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Gearldean Harris FerrellSenior Accounting Assistant
Jodi D FiggattAdministrative Associate I
Ulysses FlaggGrounds Keeper II
Ricky FletcherSenior Agricultural Specialist
Skyler Lee FoldsAdministrative Assistant II
Michael James FosterResearch Professional I
Christy Fletcher FosterAdministrative Associate I
Paul M. FowlerProperty Control Coordinator
Vickie H. GarrickIT Senior Manager
Shedrick GaskinsBuilding Services Supervisor
Michael L. GibbsElectronics Technician III
Roderick GilbertSenior Agribusiness Coordinator
Eric R. GoodwinFarm Supervisor III
Jenny V. GranberryBusiness Manager I
John David GriffinResearch Technician III
Kevin GriffinFacilities Coordinator
Rebecca Jean GruverNBE_Sal
Matthew Alvin GruverResearch Technician II
Charles Laney GruverResearch Tech III
Gunawati GunawanResearch Professional I
Yinping GuoResearch Professional II
Billy J Hale JrHerdskeeper II
Carrie HallAdministrative Associate I
Lindsey M HallAnimal Facilities Supervisor
Zach HandUtility Worker I
Charles Brandon HardyResearch Technician Ii
Gail HargettSenior Event Coordinator
Michael T. HeathResearch Professional I
Cindy B. HesterAdministrative Associate I
Rodney W. HillSenior Agriculture Specialist
Kent HillResearch Professional I
Charlie R. HiltonAgricultural Research Assistant III
Dicky W. HiltonFarm Supervisor III
Patricia A. HiltonAgricultural Rsch Asst II
Sarah C T HobbyResearch Professional I
Hoang HuaResearch Professional II
Steven Ted HudsonResearch Technician III
Mike H. HudsonAgricultural Research Assistant III
Teri HughesAdministrative Specialist I
Della HuntAdministrative Associate I
Paula IveyBusiness Manager I
Rocky JonesUtility Worker I
Ronnie KailingElectrical Distribution Insp
Michael Andrew KeelerFarm Manager at Irwinville Bull Test Center - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Pawan KumarPost Doctoral Associate
Cindy H. LaHueBusiness Manager I
Stevan S. LaHueSenior Agricultural Specialist
Kippy J. LewisLab Manager II
Matthew D LilesIT Professional Assoc
Chris LukeSkilled Trades Worker
Jolain LukeAdministrative Associate II
Lin LuoResearch Professional IV
Gordon Daniel MacquirterResearch Technician III
Kathleen Monfero MarasiganResearch Professional I
Robert MarchantCarpenter I
Willis W. MarchantFarm Manager
Thiago Nogueira MarinsResearch Technician II
Barbara MawEvent Coordinator/Graphics Specialist
Salina McAllisterResearch Technician I
Sherrie McBlanchettProgram Coordinator II
Jennifer McBlanchettResearch Technician III
Lindsay Gayle McDonaldResearch Technician I
Simeon P. McKeownAgricultural Research Assistant III
Steven Gordon McLeodResearch Technician II
Sandra J. McNeillBusiness Manager I
Ashley B. MooreSenior Accountant
Aaron MooreResearch Professional III
Sabrina Michele MorrisBuilding Services Worker I
Staci Michelle MullisAdministrative Associate I
Kenith L. MullisResearch Professional I
Gary MurphyAgricultural Research Assistant II
Michael James MurrayStudent Assistant
Katie MurrayAdmissions Counselor II
Lora NapierHerdskeeper II
Shauni NicholsResearch Technician Iii
Jacob NyhuisSenior Farm Manager
Grace NyhuisProgram Coordinator III
Kevin OnealBuilding Services Worker I
Anna OrfanouResearch Technician III
John PaulkFarm Manager at TVP/Hort Hill - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Dimitrios PavlouResearch Technician III
William T PearceResearch Technician III
Robert A. PippinAgricultural Research Assistant III
Michael D. PippinResearch Technician III
Michelle PittsBusiness Manager I
Nicholas PopeResearch Engineer I
Mona D. PowellAdministrative Specialist I
Michael PurvisResearch Professional I
Fidel V. RangelHerdskeeper II
Karan A RawlinsExtension Educator
Timothy RichardsResearch Professional I
Phyllis RichardsonBuilding Services Worker I
Michela RineairAdministrative Associate I
Neal J. RobersonFarm Supervisor III
Zach RosenfieldGrounds Keeper I
Debra M. RutlandAdministrative Associate I
Kurt SeiglerSupt Plant Op & Engineer
Lola SextonAgricultural Research Assistant II
Karen E. Shannon-McBrayerMarketing Professional
Rippy SinghResearch Technician Iii
Tiffany N SmithResearch Technician III
Thomas SmithFood Services Worker I
Ty SmithHerdskeeper II
Ken SpurlinBusiness Manager III
Lanie A. StainesSouthwest District 4-H Program Specialist II
Kane StainesResearch Professional III
Olivia StrawterBuilding Services Worker I
Ronnie D SumnerHerdskeeper II
Shane TawzerFarm Manager at Alapaha Blueberry Farm - Senior Agricultural Specialist
Melissa A. TawzerLaboratory Technician III
Del TaylorAgricultural Research Assistant III
Dr. Moukaram TertulianoResearch Professional III
Gregory ThomasAgricultural Rsch Asst II
Glenda ThomasAccountant
James C. ThompsonResearch Professional I
Clint ThompsonPublic Relations Coordinator
Melissa Clarice ThompsonResearch Technician III
Samantha ThompsonAdministrative Associate I
Michael Andrew TuckerAgricultural Research Engineer III
Cindy TuckerWeb Developer Principal
Mitch TysonBuilding Services Worker II
William E VanceResearch Technician II
Simerjeet VirkResearch Engineer II
Rebekah Danielle WallaceProgram Coordinator III
Ivan WallerFacilities Manager II
Hui WangResearch Professional II
Dena WatsonAdministrative Associate I
Amanda L. WebbAg Research Assistant I
Benny L WheelerHerdskeeper II
Gary WhiddonHVAC/Refrigeration Mechanic
Tiffany WigginsBusiness Manager I
Jeff WigginsFacilities Coordinator
Ann WigginsBusiness Manager I
Sephus WillisFarm Manager at Gibbs Farm - Agricultural Research Assistant III
Jeffrey P. WilsonResearch Plant Pathologist
Katie WilsonAdmin. Assoc. I
James WilsonFacilities Manager II
Lisa W WimberlyProgram Coordinator I
Tina H. WoodAdministrative Associate I
Renae L WoodsAdministrative Associate I
Tracey Woodward VellidisWeb Developer & Designer
Lina Flor Paclibar YoungBusiness Manager I