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Agricultural and Applied Economics Extension Publications
Geraniums (B 790) Published 3/28/2017

Geraniums are among the most popular flowering plants grown in the United States. They are easy to grow and can be used in many types of gardens, such as ground beds, planter boxes, hanging baskets and pots. They are ideal for flanking entrance-ways and adding color to border plantings. This publication explains everything you need to know about growing geraniums.

Liriope Culture in Georgia (B 755) Published 3/28/2017

Lirope, often called border grass, is one of the most useful and versatile ground cover and border plants that can be grown in Georgia. Several species and cultivars that grow well throughout the state are listed here, along with care and maintenance recommendations.

Growing Ferns (B 737) Published 3/28/2017

Ferns became popular indoor plants during the Victorian Era. Today, they are used as specimens in atriums, greenhouses and conservatories, and we find them in the smallest apartments and the largest homes. They offer a quiet, graceful beauty by softening landscapes indoors and out.

Georgia Farm Record Book (B 722) Published 3/28/2017

This publication is intended to provide you with a useful aid in the business management of your farming operation. Spaces is provided for recording farm receipts and expenses, capital transactions, inventories, credit accounts, net worth statements, crop records, and individual labor records for Social Security purposes.

Commercial Sweet Potato Production (B 677) Published 3/28/2017

This publication contains comprehensive information on growing sweet potatoes for commercial production.

Reproductive Management of Commercial Beef Cows (B 864) Published 3/28/2017

Reproductive efficiency has long been recognized as the most important aspect of commercial beef production. This publication explains how improved herd management and selection for reproductive performance can substantially increase the percent calf crop.

Using Chemicals in Pond Management (B 866) Published 3/28/2017

Chemicals are applied to ponds and lakes to control aquatic weeds, to eliminate undesirable fish, to control undesirable insects and aquatic vertebrates, and to correct undesirable water quality problems. Pond owners are often confused by terminology, units of measure, and formulations. This publication explains how to safely and effectively use chemicals for pond management.

Grain and Soybean Drying on Georgia Farms (B 873) Published 3/28/2017

Drying is one of the oldest methods of preserving food and feedstock. It is simply the removal of moisture from a product, usually by forcing dry air through the material. This publication provides in-depth instruction on how to dry grain and soybeans.

Irrigating Tobacco (B 892) Published 3/28/2017

This publication is a comprehensive guide to irrigation methods for tobacco in Georgia.

Irrigation for Lawns and Gardens (B 894) Published 3/28/2017

In order to maintain a lush, green lawn and productive garden, supplemental water in the form of irrigation is often needed during peak water use periods. Two basic types of irrigation are suitable for the home landscape: sprinkler irrigation and drip (or trickle) irrigation. This publication contains comprehensive information about irrigating lawns and gardens.