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Walter Scott Monfort

Associate Professor
  • Crop & Soil Sciences
Mailing Address:
Tifton, CAES Campus
Shipping Address:
Tifton, CAES Campus


About Scott Monfort

Area of Expertise:

Peanut Agronomics including

  • planting date, cultivar evaluation, tillage systems and equipment
  • planter and application equipment
  • precision agriculture technologies.

Research, teaching, and extension work:

Dr. Monfort has a 90% extension and 10% research appointment as the extension peanut agronomist. His program is currently responsible for developing and implementing a nationally recognized extension and applied research peanut program in agronomy.  He provides support of county extension agents working in peanut production systems including field day support, developing timely in-service trainings, peanut production, and pest management recommendations, and informational leaflets, both printed and web-based.  Dr. Monfort's research emphasis is on development of cost-effective crop management systems including cultivar evaluation, tillage systems, planting date and seeding rate, integration and adaption of new precision agriculture and equipment technologies.