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Marin Talbot Brewer

Associate Professor of Mycology
  • Plant Pathology
Shipping Address:
Athens, CAES Campus

Brewer Mycology Lab

Academic Background

Ph.D. Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell University, 2011
M.S. Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences, University of Maine, 2003
B.S. Biology, University of Cincinnati, 1998

Research Interests and Current Efforts

Evolution and diversity of plant-pathogenic fungi.

Recent Publications

An updated list of current publications is available here at Google Scholar Citations

H. Li, K.L. Stevenson, M.T. Brewer. 2016. Differences in sensitivity to a triazole fungicide among Stagonosporopsis species causing gummy stem blight of cucurbits. Plant Disease, accepted.

H. Li, M.T. Brewer. 2016. Population dynamics and spatial genetic structure of gummy stem blight fungi in the southeastern U.S. Phytopathology, in press.

R.H. Garampalli, M.K. Gopalkrishna, H. Li, M.T. Brewer. 2016. Two Stagonosporopsis species identified as causal agents of gummy stem blight epidemics of gherkin cucumber (Cucumis sativus) in Karnataka, India. Eur J Plant Pathology 145:507-512.

W.O. Cline,M.T. Brewer. Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot. Highbush Blueberry. Compendium of Blueberry and Cranberry Diseases. 2nd edition. Eds. J. Polashock et al. APS Press, in press.

J.E. Stewart, K. Brooks, P.M. Brannen, W.O. Cline, M.T. Brewer. 2015. Elevated genetic diversity in the emerging blueberry pathogen Exobasidium maculosum. PLOS ONE 10:e0132545.

M.T. Brewer, M. Rath, H.-X. Li. 2015. Genetic diversity and population structure of cucurbit gummy stem blight fungi based on microsatellite markers. Phytopathology 105:815-824.

J.E. Stewart, A.N. Turner, M.T. Brewer. 2015. Evolutionary history and variation in host range of three Stagonosporopsis species causing gummy stem blight of cucurbits. Fungal Biology 119:370-382.

C. Chen, C.H. Bock, P.M. Brannen, J.E. Adaskaveg, M.W. Hotchkiss, M.T. Brewer, B.W. Wood. 2014. Genetic variability among populations of Fusicladium species from different host trees and geographic locations in the USA. Mycological Progress 13:1179-1190.

M.T. Brewer, A.N. Turner, P.M. Brannen, W.O. Cline, E.A. Richardson. 2014. Exobasidium maculosum, a new species causing leaf and fruit spots on blueberry in the southeastern USA, and its relationship with other Exobasidium spp. parasitic to blueberry and cranberry. Mycologia 106:415-423.

J. DeLong, M.T. Brewer. 2013. Macrobybe titans: largest species of mushrooms in Western Hemisphere found growing in Georgia. CAES Extension Publications C1033

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M.T. Brewer, L. Cadle-Davidson, P. Cortesi, P. Spanu, and M.G. Milgroom. 2011. Identification of mating-type genes and development of PCR-based markers for mating type in powdery mildew fungi. Fungal Genetics and Biology 48:704-713.

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M. Talbot Brewer, K. Fujimura, L. Lang, N. Dujmovic, S. Gray, and E. van der Knaap. 2006. Development of a controlled vocabulary and software application to analyze fruit shape variation in tomato and other plant species. Plant Physiology 141:15-25, cover.

M. Talbot Brewer and R.P. Larkin. 2005. Efficacy of several potential biocontrol organisms against Rhizoctonia solani on potato. Crop Protection 24:939-950.