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Poultry Science: Undergraduate Program

Avian Biology

Whether it is their ability to fly, utilization of sound and visual stimuli similar to us for communication or sheer number and presence on every continent, man’s fascination with birds is well recorded throughout history.  Bird’s relationship with humans has resulted in them becoming a key component of the global economy.  Bird watching and its associated eco tourism as well as feeding and hunting wild birds generate billions of dollars worldwide each year.  Domesticated birds are popular pets across the globe.  Meat and eggs produced by birds are the largest source of animal protein produced and eaten by humans and other bird products such as feathers, oils, leather and feces are highly valuable in the clothing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or fertilizer industries. 

In addition, the value of bird service to humans through activities such as plant pollination, consumption of insect pests and as indicator species to the health of virtually every ecosystem present in the world is priceless.

macaw green bird exotic chicken

The avian biology major allows you to pursue your fascination with birds through the study of topics such as physiology, anatomy, reproduction, nutrition, behavior, production and management while preparing you for a job in the trillion dollar global bird industry or for admission to professional schools such as veterinary, medical, pharmacy, physician’s assistant and law.  Graduates from the avian biology program have world-wide job opportunities that may involve the pet bird and commercial poultry industries, research institutes and bird sanctuaries, parks or zoos.

We are thrilled that you share our interest in birds and will do everything in our power to foster that interest while meeting your career goals.  Using the links from this page we hope you will take a moment to explore and learn more about what the avian biology major at the University of Georgia has to offer.  If you have any further questions or want to make arrangements for a visit please feel free to contact me:

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