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Michael Czarick

Senior Public Service Associate
  • Poultry Science
Mailing Address:
Athens, CAES Campus
Shipping Address:
Athens, CAES Campus



M.S. Agricultural Engineering UGA 1986
B.S. Agricultural Engineering UGA 1983

1985 – Present UGA extension specialist UGA

Areas of Responsibility 

Poultry house environmental control and energy conservation:

  • Broiler, breeder, layer, pullet, turkey, and quail house ventilation systems
  • Energy efficient poultry house heating systems
  • Poultry cooling systems (i.,e Tunnel ventilation, evaporative cooling systems)
  • Poultry house lighting systems
  • Poultry house air inlet systems
  • Circulation fan systems
  • Electronic environmental controller
  • Poultry house energy audits

Poultry house emissions

Poultry house construction

Poultry house data collection systems

Poultry processing plant holding sheds

Extension Publications