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Cunard cultivar


'Cunard' was released by Dr. Darrell Sparks in 2011. 'Cunard' was selected from the cross 'Wichita' x 'Pawnee' and was originally tested as #70.


We do not have 'Cunard' in our orchards, so I don't have any original data to present here. From my observations of 'Cunard' in Albany, it is a very large nut with excellent quality. This tree is very precocious and productive and crop load will absolutely need to be managed with summer crop thinning. Right now, scab is controlled with fungicides, but growers should expect to spray a full season of fungicides to keep scab in control. In general, I feel this is a high value nut that will require excellent cultural practices to perform well. This is not a variety you plant and leave alone. To learn more about 'Cunard' read the reports below from the Pecan Grower Magazine.