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'Huffman' was released by Dr. Darrell Sparks in 2013. 'Huffman' was selected from the cross 'Pawnee' x 'Desirable' and was originally tested as #3.


We planted 'Huffman' in our replicated test in 2014, so we don't have any details yet from our testing program. 'Huffman' is different from most of Dr. Sparks other releases in that it likely won't require fruit thinning, a trait it may have inherited from its parent 'Desirable'. 'Huffman' produces a large nut (40 nuts / lb) with good quality (54% kernel). It is suggested that it be used to replace trees in a 'Desirable' orchard.

Read more about 'Huffman' from the release Dr. Darrell Sparks published in the Pecan Grower Magazine