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  • Pecans 2016 Farm Gate Value: $355 million
    Pecans 2016 Farm Gate Value: $355 million
  • Pecans bred on the UGA Tifton Campus
    Pecans bred on the UGA Tifton Campus

Pecan: America's Native Nut Tree

Lenny Wells, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension pecan specialist and the university’s leading voice in the pecan industry, covers the history of pecans and their popularity in the South in his first book, “Pecan: America’s Native Nut Tree.”

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Pecan News
New Pecan Entomologist

Most pressing pest problems for Georgia pecan producers include black and yellow pecan aphids, pecan weevils and ambrosia beetles.

Published 05/03/2018
UGA Inventor

Sparks is responsible for the release of eight patented pecan cultivars

Published 04/25/2018
Fire Ant Control

Treat for fire ants twice a year, in April and October.

Published 04/02/2018

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Facts About Georgia Pecans

During the late 1800's ...

Landowners began to recognize the potential profit of pecans in the southeastern United States. By the late 1800's, several individuals near Savannah, Georgia had produced and marketed pecans on a small scale. By 1889, there were only 97 acres of pecans planted in Georgia.

Between 1910 and 1925 ...

Thousands of acres of pecan trees were planted in southwest Georgia. Most of these trees were initially planted as real estate investments rather than for nut production. Thousands of acres were sold in five and ten acre units, primarily in Dougherty and Mitchell Counties, which are still today the hub of Georgia's pecan producing counties. By 1920, Georgia was producing 2.5 million pounds of pecans.

By the 1950's ...

Georgia was ranked as the top state in the nation for pecan production.

Today ...

Georgia pecan orchards may range in size from just a few trees to several thousand acres. The state continues to be regarded as the top pecan producing state in the U.S., with over 170,000 acres planted.

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Pro Gibb Applications for Black Aphid Posted by on Jul 9, 2018

Black aphid nymphs and feeding damage For those battling black aphids and considering using Pro Gibb to prevent the damage caused by this insect, applications should begin in mid July and continue for a total of 3-4 sprays. Pro Gibb prevents the development of chlorotic areas caused by black aphid...

New Extension Bulletin for Organic Pecan Production in Georgia Posted by on Jul 3, 2018

See the link below for a new extension bulletin for organic pecan production in Georgia:


Dr. Will Hudson and I have been receiving reports of walnut caterpillar and fall webworm sightings in pecan orchards, particularly in young trees. These two caterpillar pests are both foliage feeders and they occur in groups, but the main difference is that walnut caterpillars do not make webs like the...

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