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Staff Listing
Georgi A. AustinBusiness Manger II
Larry M. BaldreeResearch Professional Il
Benjamin H. Baldree IIIAgricultural Research Assistant III
Clay BennettLaboratory Technician III
Tangee K BluskResearch Technician II
Robert Edward BrookeReasearch Professional I
Pamela Jean BrownAdministrative Manager II
Laura Diane BurrisAdministrative Assistant II
James CarteyFarm Supervisor Iii
Marcus Nathaniel CofieldResearch Technician Ii
David CongerResearch Professional I
J. Rodney ConnellAgricultural Research Assistant II
Sidney R. CromerResearch Professional II
Chris CromerResearch Professional I
Jessica L CudnikProgram Coordinator I
Lindsay Nichole DaviesProgram Coordinator II
James LaDon DayProgram Coordinator
Pamela F DotsonResearch Technician III
Dustin G DunnResearch Professional III
James EdenfieldResearch Professional I
Daniel M. EvansElectronics Engineer
Dennis EvansUtility Worker II
Cathy T. FeltonAdministrative Assistant I
Deborah E FrancoAdministrative Manager I
Michael L. GibbsElectronics Technician III
Jenny V. GranberryBusiness Manager I
Matthew Alvin GruverResearch Technician II
Charles Brandon HardyResearch Technician Ii
Cindy B. HesterAdministrative Associate I
Rodney W. HillSenior Agriculture Specialist
Charlie R. HiltonAgricultural Research Assistant III
J. Ryan JohnsonAgricultural Research Technician III
Jennifer KluteProgram Coordinator II
Pawan KumarPost Doctoral Associate
Peter R. LaFayetteResearch Professional IV
Cindy H. LaHueBusiness Manager I
Leanna Elizabeth Leach MrsResearch Technician II
Jennifer Leverettlaboratory Supervisor II
Jiayang LiuNbe_salaried
Benjamin LopezResearch Professional II
Nehru S. MantripragadaResearch Professional I
Karen MaterneAdministrative Specialist I
Jennifer McBlanchettResearch Technician III
Brittany MccurdyLab/research Technician I
Lindsay Gayle McDonaldResearch Technician I
Steven Gordon McLeodResearch Technician II
Robert L. MillingsResearch Professional II
Staci Michelle MullisAdministrative Associate I
Michael James MurrayStudent Assistant
Jeremy NationResearch Technician III
Daniel NordstromUtility Worker II
Anna OrfanouResearch Technician III
Shannon ParrishResearch Professional II
Dimitrios PavlouResearch Technician III
William T PearceResearch Technician III
Robert A. PippinAgricultural Research Assistant III
Roy Nyal PittmanAgronomist/Peanut Curator
John A. RemaResearch Technician III
Timothy RichardsResearch Technician III
Michela RineairAdministrative Associate I
L. Mark RisseProfessor and Director
Kevin RoachLaboratory Technician II
Somer RoweResearch Professional I
Jessica RupprechtAgricultural Specialist
Zachary Paul SandersResearch Professional I
Lola SextonAgricultural Research Assistant II
Rippy SinghResearch Technician Iii
Cheryl L. SmithResearch Technician III
Kayla Nicole StewartResearch Technician I
Steven R. SuttonAgricultural Research Assistant III
Dr. Moukaram TertulianoResearch Professional III
Kevin A. TuckerAgricultural Research Assistant III
Michael Andrew TuckerAgricultural Research Engineer III
William E VanceResearch Technician II
Simerjeet VirkResearch Engineer II
Dena WatsonAdministrative Associate I
Amanda L. WebbAg Research Assistant I
Angie P WhelessAdministrative Associate II
Lewayne WhiteResearch Professional III
Seth Martin WilliamsResearch Technician Iii
Edwin Dale WoodAgricultural Research Coordinator II
Samuel WrightResearch Associate