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The threat to agricultural security can come in many forms: natural, accidental and intentional. Agriculture and its related industries are certainly susceptible to sabotage from terrorists, disgruntled employees or others intent on doing harm through the nation's food supply. But just as deadly are losses due to natural disasters and accidents. A well educated industry, employees and emergency response teams can minimize the threat and the damage.

The UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has taken on a major role in training throughout the state on agrosecurity issues. Other related activities include an international web network to identify invasive species, education of a largely Hispanic workforce in the Green Industry, cutting the incidence of salmonella and fighting insect pests in urban settings.

Impact Statements

Review these reports on agrosecurity issues from CAES faculty in research, teaching and Extension. For more reports, visit the searchable database.

2015 Reports

2013 Reports

2012 Reports

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2007 Reports

Georgia FACES Articles

Here's just a sample of agrosecurity issues in the news generated by the college. For the latest news, visit Georgia FACES.

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