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Why I Give

CAES has given me an incredible environment to learn and grow. I look forward to the days of visiting campus, reflecting on my memories here, and being able to see my name on the Senior Signature plaque and on a Four Towers brick. 'I was here as an undergraduate student,' I will one day be able to say with pride.

Charles Orgbon III, Environmental Economics & Management Student

"CAES greatly impacted my life. I came to UGA from a town that is roughly one-third of the size of the college and I searched for a way to leave my mark at a very large place that means the world to me. By donating to CAES, I am able to make a lasting impact at my college that will help create opportunities for future students."
Dowdy White, BSA – Agricultural Communication, ‘16

An endowment by veteran UGA turfgrass researcher Wayne Hanna and his wife, Barbara, allowed Tifton Campus senior Lolita Munoz (right) to present her research on root-knot nematode resistance in grain sorghum at a professional conference in April 2016.

“We are pleased that she was able to use it (the endowment) to help her with her experiences. We want recipients of this endowment to have an enriching experience.”

Wayne Hanna