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Research News

Research News
Squash Struggles

Best bet for squash-growing is to plant resistant varieties and take a break in the height of summer.

Author: Published 05/24/2017
Winter Squash

Winter squash are harvested when mature and can be kept in storage for months.

Author: Published 05/24/2017
Cotton Irrigation

UGA Extension physiologist John Snider recommends farmers use sensor-based irrigation scheduling.

Author: Published 05/17/2017
Layby Herbicide Program

Layby equipment needed to effectively control weeds in corn that can get as high as 14 feet tall.

Author: Published 05/16/2017
Borlaug Fellowship

Daniel Mwalwayo has spent most of his professional career working to ensure a safe food supply in his home country of Malawi.

Author: Published 05/15/2017
Deng Honored

UGA-Griffin researcher recognized for creation of computer database that helps ID salmonella strains faster.

Author: Published 05/11/2017
Citrus Trees

Among the 100 trees planted through the MitCo Grow program, 30 were UGA scientist Wayne Hanna's seedless, cold-hardy cultivars.

Author: Published 05/11/2017
Peanut drink research

Would consumers gulp down a peanut drink? Aggrey Gama thinks so.

Author: Published 05/11/2017
Kudzu Bug Decline

At their population peak, kudzu bugs devastated soybean production in Georgia.

Author: Published 05/10/2017
CAES Research Dean

UGA geneticist Allen Moore selected to oversee research efforts at UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Author: Published 05/02/2017

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