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Research News

Research News
Parrott Honored

CAES plant gene recognized for his work in plant genetics - scientifically and socially.

Author: Published 11/20/2017
D.W. Brooks

Speaker challenges CAES faculty and students to think beyond fear when discussing genetically modified crops.

Author: Published 11/09/2017

There are currently 43,000 commercial citrus trees planted in Georgia, and the majority of them are satsumas.

Author: Published 11/02/2017
Dooley Professorship

UGA horticulturist teams up with UGA Athletic Association to develop more sustainable horticulture practices.

Author: Published 11/02/2017

UGA plant pathologist introduces high-value European truffles to Georgia pecan orchards.

Author: Published 11/01/2017
Fungicide Resistance

UGA researchers work to identify azole-resistant fungicide on the farm.

Author: Published 10/31/2017
Pesticide Drift

Many factors contribute to lack of pesticide drift complaints, including assistance from UGA Cooperative Extension agents.

Author: Published 10/26/2017
New Entomologist

Griffin campus welcomes new entomologist to research, teaching team.

Author: Published 10/24/2017
Entomology Recognition

UGA entomologist Brian Forschler to be honored by the Entomological Society of America on Nov. 7.

Author: Published 10/24/2017
Conservation Tillage

Conservation tillage system saves farmers time and money while improving the soil.

Author: Published 10/23/2017

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