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Research News

Research News
Watermelon Vine Protection

Healthy vines protect watermelons from sun damage during hot Georgia summers.

Author: Published 01/18/2017
Black-eyed Peas

Georgia's black-eyed pea farmers hope for new luck in the new year, but experts aren't optimistic.

Author: Published 01/12/2017
Conservation Tillage Conference

Conservation tillage conference will tackle the history and future of conservation production systems.

Author: Published 01/11/2017
Finger Millet

Finger millet feeds millions, but little is known about the ancient plant's genetics.

Author: Published 12/28/2016
Irrigation Startup

Fourth-year horticulture student wins grant from UGA Office of Sustainability to test smart irrigation system.

Author: Published 12/28/2016
Kudzu Bug Resistance

UGA plant breeders identify soybean cultivars with proven resistance to kudzu bugs.

Author: Published 12/21/2016
Avalon Variety

Avalon has shown good resistance against scab disease so far.

Author: Published 12/19/2016
Katrien Devos

Katrien Devos, professor in the UGA Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, to be inducted into the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Author: Published 12/09/2016
Greenhouses and High Tunnels

Greenhouse and high tunnel vegetables take center stage in protected agriculture course.

Author: Published 12/07/2016

Microgin processes cotton samples sent by UGA researchers.

Author: Published 12/07/2016

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