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Research News

Research News
Cristiane Pilon

Pilon to study physiological processes of the peanut plant and management of the plant's stress levels.

Author: Published 04/19/2017
Replanting Peanuts

Multiple factors contribute to peanut plants not showing full emergence.

Author: Published 04/13/2017
Pecan Book

Book covers the health advantages of pecans, the development of different varieties and the nut's surge in popularity around the world.

Author: Published 04/13/2017
Avalon Variety

UGA's newest pecan variety produces a bigger nut and shows high resistance to scab disease.

Author: Published 04/06/2017
Cotton Sustainability

Consumer concern over cotton's environmental sustainability prompts research study.

Author: Published 04/06/2017
International Agriculture Reception

J. Scott Angle, former UGA CAES dean, returns with a sharpened focus on global agriculture to speak on what smallholder farmers need to succeed.

Author: Published 03/29/2017
Pecan Course

UGA Extension offering day-long training for farmers looking to start planting pecan trees.

Author: Published 03/21/2017
Dogwood Genetics

Researchers looking for public help to map the genome of spring-flowering dogwood trees

Author: Published 03/16/2017
FABricate Winners

UGA students win $9,000 in prize money to help further their entrepreneurial dreams.

Author: Published 03/16/2017
Prevent Freeze Damage

Knowing wet bulb temperature could help farmers protect crops from hard freezes while saving money, water and energy.

Author: Published 03/13/2017

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