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Research News

Research News
Pecan Course

UGA Extension offering day-long training for farmers looking to start planting pecan trees.

Author: Published 03/21/2017
Dogwood Genetics

Researchers looking for public help to map the genome of spring-flowering dogwood trees

Author: Published 03/16/2017
FABricate Winners

UGA students win $9,000 in prize money to help further their entrepreneurial dreams.

Author: Published 03/16/2017
Prevent Freeze Damage

Knowing wet bulb temperature could help farmers protect crops from hard freezes while saving money, water and energy.

Author: Published 03/13/2017
Hard Squash

UGA's Tim Coolong says planting of hard squash should be done in April.

Author: Published 03/09/2017
Cornea Breakthrough

Research may lead to cornea repair in a day, instead of weeks.

Author: Published 03/08/2017
Landscape Grasses

UGA, USDA partnership results in three new little bluestem grasses.

Author: Published 02/22/2017
Onion HOF

Vidalia Onion Committee honors UGA scientist for his research on Georgia-grown sweet onions.

Author: Published 02/22/2017
Watermelon Crop

An estimated 20,000 acres of watermelons are produced every year in Georgia.

Author: Published 02/21/2017
Crop Robots

UGA scientists use robots and drones to accelerate plant genetic research, improve crop yield.

Author: Published 02/09/2017

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