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Research News

Research News
Quicker Identification

Researcher uses one-step method to identify foodborne pathogens in food.

Author: Published 04/17/2018
Paul Raymer

No moss can grow under Paul Raymer's feet.

Author: Published 04/10/2018
Turfgrass Conference

Conference presenters will discuss drought-tolerant turfgrass varieties and technological advancements.

Author: Published 04/09/2018
Peanut IL tweaks RFP

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut has dropped a request that project proposals initially explain how they will use outputs from commissioned projects, since the details of those commissioned projects are not yet available.

Author: Published 04/05/2018
Agricultural Research Building

UGA President Jere W. Morehead and CAES Dean Sam Pardue spoke at the event, held at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center.

Author: Published 04/04/2018
Agroforestry & Wildlife

September field day is geared specifically for forest landowners.

Author: Published 03/29/2018
Watermelon Crop

UGA tests between 25 and 30 varieties of watermelons to get a good sample of what's on the market.

Author: Published 03/29/2018
Planter Adjustments

Wes Porter's research at UGA aimed to show what factors have highest influence on plant stand establishment.

Author: Published 03/29/2018
4-H Vet Lab Day

Topics include how to examine animal viruses and using a calving simulator to properly deliver a calf.

Author: Published 03/20/2018
Robots in Agriculture

Advanced sensing and data processing may fuel the next green revolution.

Author: Published 03/19/2018

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