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Glenn W. Burton

Glenn W. Burton
  • Birth: 05/05/1910, Clatonia, Nebraska
Date Honored: 10/12/1984

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Dr. Burton began his productive research career with a single variety of Bermuda grass, a grass that was considered a worrisome weed by Southern farmers and cattlemen. He created new genetic forms and desirable characteristics in the grass, resulting in Coastal Bermuda and many other nutritious hybrid grasses. These grasses cover thousands of fields across America, China, Africa and scores of lands where cattle, goats and sheep graze. His grasses grace the lawns of million of homes, golf courses and athletic fields. His work with pearl millet has enabled countries such as India to double and even triple their output of grain, saving the lives of millions. He is one of the most honored scientists of recent times. In 1983, he received the national Medal of Science Award presented by President Ronald Reagan.

Occupation: USDA principal geneticist at the Coastal Plain Experiment Station since 1936.