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James J. Conner

James J. Conner
  • Birth: 11/26/1847, Montgomery County, Georgia
  • Death: 07/31/1930
Date Honored: 11/04/1972

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Mr. Conner served as mayor of Dublin and solicitor general in the court circuit. As state representative for Bartow County, he introduced the legislative bill to the Georgia General Assembly which established the Georgia State College of Agriculture in Athens. He served as chairman of the board until his death in 1930. Conner Hall, administrative headquarters for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, was named in honor of him in 1906. He served as president of the Georgia Agricultural Society and was appointed Commissioner of Agriculture in 1912. The University of Georgia conferred the honorary degree of doctor of law upon him in 1926.

Occupation: Attorney in Dublin and Cartersville from 1871 to 1886; farmer on a 900-acre plantation near Cartersville, where he used the most improved and approved principles of modern husbandry, with labor-saving implements and machinery.