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William A. Sutton

William A. Sutton
  • Birth: 04/22/1905, Emanuel County, Georgia
  • Death: 06/09/1975
Date Honored: 10/12/1974

Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame

Under Mr. Sutton's leadership, more than $3 million was raised for the development of the Rock Eagle 4-H Center. He successfully obtained community support to begin the State 4-H Club Congress, organized the Georgia 4-H Club Foundation and established the State 4-H Advisory Committee. He served as chairman of the Extension Subcommittee on 4-H Club Work and was instrumental in the development of the National 4-H Foundation and the National 4-H Center. He was chairman of the Youth Development Committee on national programs and goals for the Extension Service; the Southern Extension Directors; and the Legislative Subcommittee of the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy.

Occupation: Assistant county agent; county agent in Fulton, Twiggs and Irwin counties; assistant state and state 4-H Club Leader for the Cooperative Extension Service; Director of the Cooperative Extension Service.