For Employers

Are you hoping to connect with great talent in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences?

We’re excited to connect you with some of the brightest minds who will shape the future of agricultural and environmental sciences. Posting a job is free of charge, and we are happy to provide this service for employers and students. All job postings will be reviewed prior to publication on the job board. Job announcements will be posted as soon as possible.

Post to the CAES Job Board

We also invite you to post employment and internship opportunities via the UGA online job board Handshake, a free comprehensive resource that will allow you to advertise your open positions, connect with our students, register for career fairs and schedule interviews. UGA students and alumni have exclusive access to Handshake to search for career, internship opportunities and receive personalized recommendations based on their skill sets, strengths and indicated interests.

If you wish to hire upcoming graduates, please go to hireUGA. If you are specifically looking to hire alumni, go to Alumni Hiring.

If you have questions or need additional information about Handshake, please email Debi Grayson.

We also encourage you to register for the annual Career Fair hosted by the UGA Career Center. Information about the event and registration can be found below.

Annual Career Fair

Over 290 students attend the University of Georgia Food, Agricultural, Environmental, and Sciences Career and Internship Fair every year. Employers will have with an opportunity to interact with College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences faculty over lunch prior to the fair.

Employers can register via hireUGA's registration form.

Interested in developing a formal internship program?

Check out the UGA Career Center's Internship Guide.

While not all of our departments require their students to complete a structured internship, most strongly encourage it as a mechanism to explore career opportunities. Internships should be more than part-time jobs; they should give students a well-rounded experience in all aspects of the company, and the employer, an opportunity to closer evaluate the student as a potential employee.

CAES students have a tremendous skill set including outstanding academic preparedness, work ethic, “down-to-earth” personalities and developed interpersonal communication skills. Many have opportunities for multiple internships, therefore making your position as attractive as possible is necessary to find the best candidates.

Promotional material for your internships should include: compensation, work hours, location, expected duties, length of internship and contact information. A successful internship will result in students returning to campus and sharing their positive experience with others.