Experiential Learning

To graduate, all UGA students must engage in hands-on, experiential learning within a domestic or global setting. Although experiential learning became a university requirement in 2016, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has always prioritized enriching students' academic careers with experiential learning opportunities. In fact, it’s an integral part of our Deans’ Promise initiative.

The experiential learning requirement allows students to gain real world experience, broaden their horizons and become more marketable to employers through several curricular options. CAES offers a range of course options that support internships, research, service-learning, study abroad, field study, and other hands-on specialty experiences.

Students also have the option to fulfill the requirement with a non-credit experience, but they must get approval in advance from their department head and experiential learning certification officer. Students must also spend a minimum of 50 hours on the activity and submit a reflective essay at the conclusion of their experience.

CAES Experiential Learning Opportunities

CAES Ambassadors
While student recruitment is the ambassadors' main goal, CAES Ambassadors also assist at College and University sponsored events and are available to speak on topics related to agriculture, the environment, or student opportunities.
FABricate Entrepreneurial Initiative
The FABricate entrepreneurial initiative is a one-hour course designed to assist in developing your idea and provide the resources you need to create a business plan and marketing strategy.
Internships & Jobs
An internship is one of the best ways you can gain practical skills in your field and secure a job after graduation. Participate in one of four CAES sponsored internship programs or find an internship through your department, Handshake or attend our career and internships fair.
Service Learning
There are over 300 service learning courses available at UGA. Each service learning course is denoted with an "S." Any service learning course will fulfill the experiential learning requirement.
Spring Break Georgia Ag Tour
CAES students have the rare opportunity to spend spring break traveling and exploring the vast industry that is Georgia Agriculture, while earning two hours of UGA credit.
Study Abroad
Any CAES faculty-led study abroad program or any UGA exchange program will fulfill the experiential learning requirement.
Undergraduate Research Initiative
The CAES Undergraduate Research Program allows students the opportunity to conduct research under the direction of a CAES faculty member, giving them hands-on research experience at an undergraduate level. Students must be enrolled in an approved research course or compete in the CURO symposium.

Experiential Learning Courses

Students may also take ANY course that is approved to fulfill the experiential learning requirement for CAES. For a full list of approved courses, visit the Office of Experiential Learning's website and select "College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences" from the dropdown.