Each year, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) awards scholarships to students enrolled in our majors. This past year, CAES awarded a total of over $830,000 in financial aid among the student body. There are additional scholarship opportunities through CAES Departments and the Griffin and Tifton extended campuses.

View a list of available CAES scholarships below. The application processes and deadlines vary depending on the scholarship.

Prospective Students Scholarship Program 

Apply online from 1 July 2023 to 31 March 2024

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) has scholarship funds for prospective students interested in majoring within our College such as the CAES Alumni Associations Freshman Scholarships and the CAES Alumni Association Transfer Scholarships. This Prospective Students program is for incoming first-year and transfer students only. Students already attending UGA are not eligible for the program and are encouraged to instead apply for "College-wide Scholarships" and all other appropriate scholarship programs listed below. Application for the Prospective Students Scholarships program will be accepted through 31 March 2024.   

College-wide Scholarships

CAES is committed to providing financial support to students enrolled in the college's majors. Apply online to be considered for all of these CAES general scholarships. Please note that incoming freshmen and transfer students should apply to the Prospective Students Scholarship Program listed above rather than for this College-wide Scholarships program.

Broder-Ackermann Global Citizen Award

The Broder-Ackermann Global Citizen Award recognizes an undergraduate student in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences who has embraced global citizenship in their own community or globally through participation, promotion and/or leadership of international initiatives. Global citizenship does not necessarily mean that you have traveled extensively, but rather that you take an active interest and involvement in cultures different from your own.

CAES Experiential Learning Scholarship

The CAES Experiential Learning scholarship is available to CAES undergraduate students pursuing experiential learning activities. Eligible experiential learning activities include study abroad programs, internships, fellowships, service-learning projects, professional development, leadership-building programs and entrepreneurship. Students participating in both credit and non-credit experiential learning activities may apply. This scholarship is supported in part by the Deans' Promise Fund. Applications are open to all who intend to participate in Experiential Learning in Spring 2024 or Summer 2024. CAES students may apply BEFORE a program runs and BEFORE they are accepted. However, scholarship money will not be awarded until the student is officially accepted and committed to the program. The first wave of applications will be due October 1, 2023 and the second wave of applications will be due March 1, 2024. **Please note: this application is not intended for students applying to the following programs: Congressional Ag Fellows, Georgia Legislative Internship, Georgia Agribusiness Council Internship or the Winegrowers of Georgia Internship. Separate online applications are available for those programs.

Ratcliffe Scholars Program

The Ratcliffe Scholars Program rewards forward-thinking CAES undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in immersive, hands-on learning experiences outside the confines of a traditional class setting. Eligible experiences may include internships, study abroad programs, research opportunities and any other experiential learning activities deemed appropriate by the selection committee. Ratcliffe Scholars receive a $5,000 scholarship and participate in enrichment activities as cohort throughout the year.

Rural Scholars Program

The Rural Scholars Program is open to students from Georgia's rural communities majoring in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The program will welcome 1-3 new students into a cohort each year (must be incoming, first-year students). Each Scholar will receive an annual academic scholarship of $7,000, renewable for up to four years. The Rural Scholars Program will select outstanding students from rural communities who have excelled academically, have shown strong leadership abilities and community service and seek a degree in UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Through a cohort model, staff support and co-curricular programming, the Rural Scholars Program will provide an extraordinary experience to participating students as they pursue a degree. Scholars may have the opportunity to participate in additional activities to enhance the college experience, such as the Freshman College Summer Experience and experiential learning opportunities, supported by grants, that allow students to learn outside the classroom. Applicants to the Rural Scholars Program are required to submit an application for admission to the University of Georgia.