Academic Departments at CAES

Agricultural & Applied Economics
The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics is home to 30 core faculty members and other adjunct faculty and staff members across three campuses who conduct research in agricultural, food, environmental, natural resource and development economics.
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication
The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication promotes food, environmental and social sustainability through experiential education.
Animal & Dairy Science
The Department of Animal and Dairy Science provides instructional, research and Extension programming relating to food animals and livestock, companion animals, and animal and medicinal biotechnology that addresses critical issues in today's world.
Crop & Soil Sciences
The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences is a multifunctional, multidisciplinary department committed to excelling as an authority in the crop, soil and environmental sciences.
The Department of Entomology offers a wide range of courses and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. If you're interested in insect biology, learn more about these programs.
Food Science & Technology
Food scientists conduct research in several areas critical to the quality, safety, and economic value of our food supply, while minimizing environmental and energy costs. Learn more about this department.
The Department of Horticulture specializes in a multitude of research areas and works on a vast array of fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, endangered native species and row crops.
Plant Pathology
As one of the largest departments of plant pathology in the country, we are recognized internationally for our comprehensive and integrative research and outreach portfolio, spanning basic, translational and applied programs.
Poultry Science
The Department of Poultry Science boasts some of the best undergraduate programs of its kind, while preparing its students for some of the top jobs in the poultry industry or further degrees.