Georgia Grown Lavender

Lavender can provide a host of products, including fresh cut flowers, dried bouquets, personal care products (e.g., aromatherapy oils, soap, and sachets), as well as culinary use. Lavender is a versatile perennial that is durable, drought resistant, and deer resistant. Lavender production is also well suited for plant hardiness zones 5-9, which encompasses all of Georgia. So the UGA Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics evaluated lavender production and market opportunities in Georgia. The study provided key elements on production budget, marketing channels and labeling strategy for growing lavender in Georgia. Specific data on lavender production costs, price points, farm models and their marketing supply chain, and consumers' preferences and willingness to pay for lavender products was established working with several Georgia growers and administrating interviews and online surveys. Two types of farm models are successful in Georgia. The first focuses almost exclusively on lavender production and agritourism, especially in the northern part of the state. The second integrates lavender as part of a larger plants production mix for wholesale. Seven farms started to grow lavender over the last two years and 13 UGA Extension agents were trained on the potential to grow lavender in Georgia.