Pollinators in Peril

The monarch butterfly populations have decreased in alarming proportions over the last decade. They are an indicator species for the overall health of pollinators. Pollinators are essential for the production of vegetable and tree crops. Habitat loss, excessive and improper pesticide use, and a changing climate has diminished the Monarch population. A professor in the UGA Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Department created four instructional modules for the Pollinators in Peril project for free distribution to more than 400 agriculture teachers in Georgia, and to all agriculture programs in the United States. These modules are designed for delivery in agricultural education courses in grades 7 through 12, with a potential audience of 30,000 high school and middle school students. Faculty involved in this project have partnered with citizen scientists with Monarchs Across Georgia to develop workshops for teachers in grades K-12. These workshops are designed to incorporate instructional standards with principles of Monarch habitat development.

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