Investigating the Antioxidant Impact of Pecans

Emerging research is showing that bioactives in tree nuts like pecans may be responsible for the amelioration of chronic diseases. The likely constituents in pecans, responsible for the observed reduction in the risk of chronic diseases, are its phenolics. So UGA food scientists are investigating the composition and activity of antioxidant phenolics isolated from Georgia pecans using chromatographic strategies and cell culture models. Their research has revealed unequivocally that pecans are very potent in terms of antioxidant activity, as assessed by in vitro antioxidant assays. Moreover, they are also demonstrating that these constituents in pecans work at the cellular level and do impart antioxidant protection, based on the cellular antioxidant activity assay, also performed at UGA. For the health and wellness-conscious consumer, this research on the impact of the healthful bioactives in Georgia pecans should aid in U.S. retail sales.