Vaccine to Decrease Clostridium in Poultry

Clostridial-enteritis, also named as “Necrotic Enteritis” is a C. perfringens induced disease characterized with a significant decrease in growth performance and a massive increase in flock mortality. In 2013, Necrotic enteritis caused nearly $2 billion to the poultry industry worldwide and $60 million to the Georgia poultry industry. The cost of Necrotic Enteritis is increasing with adoption of no-antibiotic-ever rearing programs. A UGA poultry scientist developed an affordable nanoparticle based C. perfringens vaccine that can be delivered orally through drinking water. It successfully decreased C. perfringens load in chickens. Success of this project will lead to developing innovative vaccine delivery platforms against other intestinal pathogens like Campylobacter and Escherichia coli.