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Faith Critzer's expertise in food safety in fresh produce earned her a position on the FAO/WHO joint panel on microbial risk assessment. CAES News
UGA food scientist sets global food safety standards on joint FAO/WHO panel
While the joint FAO/WHO panel cannot create specific policy guidelines, experts ensure that there are baseline standards for the global community to consult.
Cacao processing in Ecuador CAES News
National Science Foundation to fund UGA student cacao research in Ecuador
Applications are now open for a 2022 research experience studying cacao fermentation in Ecuador.

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UGA Extension partners with universities to bring 4-H to Latin America
CAES researchers work to improve food safety in Senegal’s growing dairy industry
CAES hosts Global Food Security Summit
UGA, Padova partnership leads to joint research
Malawi’s journey to self-reliance benefits US small business
Peanut innovation projects under way in Uganda