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Illustrated by Katie Walker and Megan McCoy CAES News
CAES associate dean of academic affairs retires after 47 years of student advocacy
There are more than 20,000 living alumni of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and despite the differences in their college experiences and career trajectories, for many, there is one unifying individual in their memories: Josef Broder.
Top stories of 2023 CAES News
Top UGA research stories of 2023
Reflecting on the year 2023, University of Georgia researchers contributed to groundbreaking advancement in vaccines and health care, to the rejuvenation of American chestnut trees, to surprising revelations about the shy nature of Joro spiders, and much more.
UGA Extension partners with universities to bring 4-H to Latin America
CAES researchers work to improve food safety in Senegal’s growing dairy industry
CAES hosts Global Food Security Summit
UGA, Padova partnership leads to joint research
Malawi’s journey to self-reliance benefits US small business
Peanut innovation projects under way in Uganda