Developing Leadership Among Veterinarians

The annual Georgia Food Animal Conference (GFAC), hosted by the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association, is a platform to provide continuing education and insights for this important group. During the April 2019 conference, a speaker from the UGA Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication unit presented a program to attendees on Issue Leadership: A New Model for a New World. The Issue Leadership model provides learners an opportunity to conceptualize leadership across multiple domains: Interpersonal, Organizational, Community, and Policy, and to provide learners a framework within which to identify how their specific knowledge, skills and expertise can contribute to solving large, complex issues. A total of 85 individuals participated in the Issue Leadership program. Individuals were asked to indicate whether they intended to change their behavior based on the program and 84.4 percent said they would probably or definitely use the program information. They were asked to assign a monetary value to the financial benefit they, or the organization they represented, would derive based on program participation. An aggregate value of $454,000 or an average of $9,869 per evaluation was reported.