E. Broadus Browne Research Awards

Award Description

The E. Broadus Browne Research Awards for Outstanding Graduate Student Research are given in recognition of Director Edmund Broadus Browne’s distinguished service to the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station (GAES). The award memorializes not only his professional contributions to the college and the experiment stations but also his popularity among the staff. He preferred to lead with a story and end with a laugh.

Browne’s career at the University of Georgia (UGA) started in 1947 with an assistant professorship in genetics and plant breeding. In 1951, he became the first director of the College Station at Athens. He served as director of the Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Tifton from 1973 to 1981. Browne then returned to Athens to serve as director of the Experiment Station System. He retired in 1984 and passed away in 1987.

The award is presented to outstanding master’s and doctorate students in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) based on both their research creativity and effective communication.

The first-place doctoral award consists of a certificate, $2,000 and up to $2,500 in travel funding support to attend a professional meeting. Second place is awarded $1,000. The first-place master’s award consists of a certificate, $1,000 and up to $2,500 in travel funding support to attend a professional meeting. Awards are sponsored by the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station.

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E. Broadus BrowneE. Broadus Browne

Nomination Procedures

  • Each department/institute will determine their own criteria for their student award nominees.
  • The department/institute head may nominate one candidate for each award.
  • A cover letter for each nominee along with their written report should be emailed as a PDF document to the Associate Dean for Research.
  • Nominations are due on or before the last Friday in January. Hard copies will not be accepted.

Award Eligibility

  • The graduate student must be enrolled in the respective degree program within CAES at the time of the competition and the graduate student’s major advisor must have a GAES appointment.
  • The work reported must be performed during the student’s M.S. or Ph.D. degree program at UGA and will be certified by his/her major professor or department head.
  • Each department or official institute offering a graduate program in the college is limited to one M.S. and one Ph.D. nominee.

Student Requirements

Each student shall prepare a written report, not to exceed ten, single-sided 8½ x 11-inch standard pages (including text, footnotes, references, citations, tables, figures, and graphs). The top of the first page shall include the title of the report, the student’s name, and contact information (department, daytime phone number, and UGA e-mail address). All text material shall be typed and double-spaced (including footnotes, references, and tables). Use 1-inch margins and 12-point Times Roman. As an aid, refer to the format template (PDF). Failure to follow these guidelines will result in being disqualified.

The report shall include an abstract, a problem statement, the creative research approach, results and conclusions, and should be written in a manner so that it is readily understood by a knowledgeable layperson. Participants will be evaluated on the appropriateness of research procedures, interpretation of results, conclusions drawn, editorial correctness (i.e., clarity and organization), quality of the science, originality of the research, and significance to the CAES mission.

Students shall also give an oral presentation limited to twenty minutes; ten minutes to present the research and ten minutes to answer questions. The oral presentation must effectively communicate the scientific merit and creativity of the research and utilize effective visual aids. The student will be evaluated on effective responses to questions from the audience. As with the written report, the oral presentation should be directed to a knowledgeable layperson. The Graduate Committee chair will poll the Graduate Committee to find a mutually agreeable time for oral presentations.

Evaluation and Selection Process

  • A review panel member shall evaluate and rank each written report prior to the oral presentation.
  • All students will make an oral presentation to a review panel composed of CAES Graduate Affairs Committee members at a date to be determined. A committee member shall abstain from voting or providing any comments on a student from his/her department/institute or if he/she is a member of the student’s advisory committee.
  • After the oral presentation, the panel member shall evaluate and rank the student for the effectiveness of the oral presentation.
  • Each panel member will then rank the students based on the combined written report and oral rankings. The review panel will pool their rankings and the Ph.D. and M.S. award winners will be determined jointly by the panel members based on this combined ranking.
  • Criteria form for scoring and ranking (PDF)

Award Recipients

Winners of the E. Broadus Browne Research Awards for Outstanding Graduate Student Research

Year MS Ph.D.

1st place: Stephanie Botton, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
Title: Characterization of the Arachis cardenasii Introgression in a Peanut, Arachis hypogaea, Population

2nd place: Laxmi Pandey, Department of Plant Pathology
Title: Integration of Novel Tools for Management of Pre-harvest and Post-harvest Aflatoxin Contamination in Peanut

Nominated from their department: Hariom Yadav, CSS; Mark Whatley, HORT; Nabin Neupane, PS; Susmitha Kalli, Ag Econ; Christiana Huss, ENT

2023 Browne Awards

1st place: Lauren Vaccaro, Poultry Science
Title: Effects of thyroid hormones on insulin-like growth factor binding protein expression in avian muscle cells

2nd place: Nathanial Burner, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
Title: Developing and Deploying a UAS-based Phenotyping Pipeline for Maturity to Support Soybean Breeding

Nominated from their department: Yaxi Dai, FST; Ved Parkash, CSS; Suyun Nam, HORT; Kelsey Wilbanks, ENT; Katie Dobbins Sanders, ALEC

2023 Browne Awards

2022 1st place: Matthew Holton, Animal and Dairy Science
2nd place: Grace Ingham, Agricultural and Applied Economics

2022 Browne Awards
1st place: Keila Acevedo Villanueva, Poultry Science
2nd place: Changhyeon Kim, Horticulture

2022 Browne Awards
2021 1st place: Caroline Burks, Plant Pathology

2021 Browne Awards
1st place: Shaun Stice, Plant Pathology
2nd place: Sam McDonald, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics

2021 Browne Awards
2020 1st place: Raegan Wiggins, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics

2020 Browne Awards

1st place: Lorena N Lacerda, Crop and Soil Sciences
2nd place: Dima White, Poultry Science

2020 Browne Awards
2019 1st place: Mary Lewis, Horticulture
2nd place: Will Hemphill, Plant Pathology
1st place: Ruby Harrison, Entomology
2nd place: Winnie Gimode, Institute of Plant Breeding Genetics and Genomics
2018 1st place: Madison Fagan, Animal and Dairy Science
1st place: Leilani Sumabat, Plant Pathology
2017 1st place: Noelle Fuller, Horticulture

2017 Graduate Student Awards
1st place: Carolina Ballen-Taborda, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
Tied for 2nd place: Alex Blacutt, Plant Pathology, and Cristiano Bortoluzzi, Poultry Science

2017 Graduate Student Awards
2016 1st place: Erin Froetschel, Agricultural and Applied Economics

2016 Graduate Student Awards
1st place: Forrest Goodfellow, Animal and Dairy Science
2nd place: Shuyang Zhen, Horticulture

2016 Graduate Student Awards
2015 1st place: Nicole Bachleda, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
2nd place: Melissa Mattee
1st place: Zachary King, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
2nd place: Peng Tian, Plant Pathology
2014 1st place: Kevin Besler, Plant Pathology
1st place: Suchitra Chavan, Plant Pathology
2nd place: Kerri Coon, Entomology
2013 1st place: Taylor Kronn, Food Science and Technology
1st place: Tripti Vashisth, Horticulture
2nd place: Stephanie Weldon, Entomology
2012 1st place: Tamara Loeffler, Poultry Science
1st place: Brian Jordan, Poultry Science
2nd place: Sydney Everhart, Plant Pathology
2011 1st place: Zachary King, Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
2nd place: Lucas O'Meara
1st place: Reben Raeman
2nd place: Bhabesh Dutta
2010 Sara Beth Pinson, Poultry Science
Rick Gerhold
2009 Jeffrey Garton, Plant Pathology
James A. Robertson, Entomology
2008 Nathan Lord, Entomology
Adrea Pruijssers, Entomology
2007 Herbert Ssegane Matthew Chappell, Horticulture
2006 Caleb Warrington, Entomology/Plant Breeding
Amanda Ellis, Entomology
2004 Ethell Vereen Jr. Peter S. Ojiambo
2003 Brett Lumpkins  
1997 Hannah Green Consuelo de Moraes
1990 Vivek Gnanesekharan, Food Science and Technology
1989   Darrell W. Ross
1988   Ray Smith
1987   John D. Floros, Food Science and Technology

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