Academic and EL Credit

Academic Credit

Steps to Pursuing Academic Credit for your Internship:

1. You must obtain departmental approval to receive academic credit for your internship. Contact your departmental internship coordinator for information regarding internship credit and follow their internship process.

2. CAES MUST have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with your internship site. You will work with your departmental internship coordinator to complete the MOU, unless there is a current MOU in place. Please reference the list of MOUs below. 

Experiential Learning Credit

In order to fulfill the experiential learning requirement with an internship, you must follow one of the three pathways listed below:

  • Participate in one of the CAES sponsored internships (Congressional Ag Fellows, Georgia Legislative Internship, Winegrowers of Georgia Internship and UGA Extension Internship). Students may also enroll in an internship course while participating in one of these internships.
  • Secure an internship with a company and enroll in your departmental internship course.
  • Secure an internship with a company and apply for the CAES Industry and Professionals Internship program before you begin interning. This program has additional requirements that allow you to receive EL credit without enrolling in a course. A Memorandum of Understanding must be signed that formalizes the role and expectations of the students and employer with regard to the experiential learning and academic learning outcomes of the internship. A link to the MOU is in the student guide above. 

Current CAES Memoranda of Understanding 

Internship Site Expiration Department
320 Guest Ranch 5/17/22 AAEC
Ace Hardware Athens 12/1/21 ALEC
AgPro Athens 6/1/21 ALEC
AgSouth Farm Credit, ACA 7/23/24 AAEC
American Shorthorn Association 5/18/21 ALEC
Americot 5/20/22 AAEC
Athens Land Trust 9/10/23 AAEC
Athens Regional Vet Services 8/10/23 ADS
Atlanta Athletic Club 5/10/24 AAEC
Augusta Country Club 5/16/24 CRSS
Banfield Pet Hospital 1/1/22 POUL
Battle Logistics LLC 5/18/23 ALEC
Bear Hollow Zoo 8/10/23 ADS
Betts Environmental 6/1/21 AAEC
BizBash 5/18/23 AAEC
Bonefish Tarpon Trust 1/1/22 AAEC
Brill, Inc. 4/30/22 FDST
Butcher and Vine 5/1/24 AAEC
Central Garden and Pet/Pennington Seed 5/14/24 AAEC
Chateau Elan Winery and Resort 5/1/24 AAEC
Chattahoochee Animal Clinic 5/11/23 ADS
Chick-fil-A, Alps Rd, Athens 5/10/24 AAEC
Circle A Farms 6/23/21 AAEC
City of Lawrenceville 5/26/21 AAEC
Coastal Harbor Treatment Center 3/11/22 ALEC
Cobb 5/1/23 POUL
Cooper, Barnette and Page 5/20/21 AAEC
Congressman Austin Scott 8/20/21 AAEC
Corteva Agriscience 5/1/24 ALEC
Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic 12/31/23 ADS
Custom Livestock Solutions 8/20/23 ADS
Dana Kerr, State Farm 5/17/24 AAEC
Dogwood Genetics 6/1/21 POUL
Dogwood Park Animal Clinic 5/1/22 ADS
Don Lee Camp and Retreat Center 5/22/24 AAEC
Easy Event Planning 6/11/21 AAEC
Extra Special People, Inc.  5/25/23 ALEC
F&W Forestry Services 5/24/22 AAEC
Farmview Market 5/13/23 ADS
Fieldale 05/1/23 POUL
Fripp Island Gold and Beach Resort 5/17/22 AAEC
Georgia Agribusiness Council 12/31/24 Academic Affairs
GA Dept of Agriculture 8/31/23 AAEC
GA Fruit and Vegetable Growers 4/15/21 AAEC
Georgia State Games Commission 5/19/21 ALEC
Global IT University, Inc. 8/7/23 CRSS
Godfrey's Feed 6/6/24 AAEC
Good Hand Veterinary Hospital 8/1/21 POUL
Hagyard Equine Medical Center 12/31/24 ADS
Harrison Poultry 8/20/21 AAEC
Hendrickson Land and Livestock  8/10/23 ADS
Holder Ag Consulting 8/6/24 CRSS
Horse Tales Stables 5/1/24 ADS
Hunter Produce 5/20/22 AAEC
Iron Rustoration 5/3/24 AAEC
Jaemor Farms 8/8/24 ALEC
John Deere Ag Pro, Athens, GA 5/17/22 AAEC
Ken W Smith PC 5/17/21 AAEC
Koch 9/1/21 POUL
Kroger Pharmacy, Athens, GA 1/1/22 POUL
Lanier Islands Resort 1/13/22 AAEC
Lasseter Tractor Co. 7/30/24 AAEC
Magic Moments 9/1/21 AAEC
Marjac 5/29/23 POUL
McLendon Acres, Inc. 5/1/24 CRSS
MERGE World 6/1/22 ALEC
MG Homebuilders and Remodeling LLC 5/17/22 AAEC
Nectar and Company 12/31/21 HORT
Newman Farms 5/31/22 AAEC
Northeast Georgia Livestock 6/7/24 AAEC
Nutrien Ag Solutions 5/17/22 AAEC
Office of Congressman Austin Scott 12/31/22 Academic Affairs
Office of Representative Buddy Carter 7/28/23 ALEC
Office of Representative Doug Collins 8/4/23 Academic Affairs
Office of Representative Sanford D. Bishop, Jr.  5/24/24 Academic Affairs
Office of U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock 12/1/22 Academic Affairs
Ogeechee Veterinary Associates 4/22/23 ADS
Olive Garden, Atlanta Hwy. 5/15/24 AAEC
Pastures of Rose Creek 5/1/24 ADS
Paulk & Griffin 5/17/24 AAEC
Pawtropolis 5/1/24 ADS
Phoenix Landscape Management 5/11/21 AAEC
Prayon, Inc. 5/25/24 AAEC
Procesadora Nacional De Alimentos C.A.Pronaca 5/31/22 AAEC
Produce Marketing Association 5/1/22 ALEC/CRSS
R&B Sales and Marketing 5/1/22 ALEC
Radnor Veterinary Hospital 6/15/21 POUL
Reformation Brewery 5/18/21 ALEC
Reynolds Lake Oconee 5/1/24 AAEC
Savannah Wildlife Rescue Center 7/1/21 POUL
Seaside Sustainability 5/24/24 AAEC
Social Sphere Media 8/20/21 ALEC
Southland Organics 5/17/24 AAEC
Sparrow's Nest 8/20/21 ALEC
Sugar Hill Animal Hospital  5/31/21 AAEC
Summerville Trout Hatchery 12/31/24 ADS
Summerville Veterinary Clinic 3/11/23 ADS
Sycamore Vet Services 6/1/21 ENTO
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation 5/20/21 ALEC
The Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club 5/15/24 AAEC
Thompson Veterinary Services 5/1/23 ADS
THRIVE by SVG Ventures 7/30/21 AAEC
Towerhouse Farm Brewery 5/20/21 AAEC
Trumps Catering 1/5/22 AAEC
Tyron Equine Hospital 12/31/24 ADS
Tyson 3/1/23 POUL
University Dermatology 1/1/22 POUL
Vendor Space 1/11/22 AAEC
Veterinary Medical Center 6/1/21 POUL
Walmart Pharmacy, Athens, GA 1/1/22 POUL
Walton EMC 5/18/21 AAEC
Wildflower Golf Course at Fairhills Resort 5/13/24 CRSS
Zaxby's LLC 5/12/24 AAEC