Arnold International Fellowship

The Arnold International Fellowship Program was developed out of a need to create a mechanism to allow CAES students to obtain international experiences as part of their education.

The Fund's fields of interest include:

  • biomedicine
  • education
  • federated giving programs
  • higher education
  • libraries
  • medical research
  • performing arts
  • music
  • protection of Covington's cultural history


Fellowship funds are provided to enable talented students to study abroad and to experience the culture and institutional structures of agriculture outside the United States.

Selected students must:

  • Complete the International Agriculture Certificate.
  • Students must complete at least two international education activities including a community service project with a strong international dimension.
  • While applicants from any school at UGA will be considered, students from the Newton County area who could not otherwise participate in international programs, are strongly encouraged to apply.


The funding available through the fellowship will be used for international travel and living expenses, visas, and immunizations.

  • Awards will not exceed $5,000 over a three year period.
  • The recipient of an Arnold Fellowship must agree to document their experiences abroad and make at least
  • The recipient of an Arnold Fellowship must agree to make presentations to civic organizations, church groups or public events upon their return.
  • Students should communicate their experiences to other students and parents especially those at the Piedmont Academy in Jasper County.

To apply for a fellowship, students may submit a proposal to