Advisory Council

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Advisory Council (CAESAC) was created in November 1996 by consolidating The State Extension Advisory Council and the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Stations Research Advisory Board. This was done to reflect changes in the college and to help our stakeholders understand the equal importance of all functions of the college (teaching, research and extension).

Purpose and Mission

The CAES Advisory Council is a spokesperson for the college to outside organizations, understands the programs of the college and makes recommendations on priorities, and becomes familiar with the College budget process and funding needs in order to ensure the support of the agricultural and environmental needs of the state.

The council seeks stakeholder advice and counsel to ensure that the programs of the college are responsive to the needs of Georgia residents. Its makeup is purposely diverse. The carefully selected, knowledgeable members come from both the smallest communities and largest cities across Georgia and they represent many different commodities, occupations and interest groups.

The council members work closely with college faculty, staff and administrators in reviewing ongoing programs and identifying and planning high priority future programs. Council members also provide information to Georgia residents about the role of the college in generating and dispensing knowledge and new technology about agriculture, food and the environment.

2018 CAES Advisory Council