Staff Representative Group

SRG Objectives

  • To provide a forum for the introduction of staff-related concerns of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES).
  • To discuss such issues and concerns and determine whether an item can be resolved within CAES.
  • To make recommendations that a staff concern be introduced to the University Staff Council.


The CAES Staff Representative Group was formed in 1980 under Dean William P. Flatt. The SRG was formed for two purposes: to provide a forum for the introduction of staff-related concerns to the college and to determine the administrative level at which such issues might be addressed. Dean Buchanan and Dean Angle continued the administration’s support for the group and encouraged participation. We are happy to report that Dean Pardue has met with the SRG and agreed that the efforts of this committee are important to the success of the college as a whole.

Guiding principles of the CAES SRG are as follows:

  • Members of the CAES SRG will build strong working relationships during their tenure.
  • Membership is a commitment, but it is also an opportunity for both personal and professional growth, as friendships are formed and a college network is established to address issues and offer solutions to diverse concerns.
  • Provide leadership in a manner that will reflect the positive values and commitment evidenced by our college.

Sometime in early 2008, the CAES SRG became inactive. In 2014, building on the history and adopting the principles of the previous CAES SRG, our college returned to representation on UGA Staff Council. Representatives from our college are as follows:

In the past our group had, by virtue of the number of CAES classified employees, six representatives on the UGA Staff Council. One of the current goals of the CAES SRG is to return to full representation on the UGA Staff Council. If you are interested in joining the CAES SRG, please contact us today!