Online Graduate Courses

Online graduate courses provided by the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences are available to University of Georgia students to provide the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. Not all courses are available every semester. Please refer to the latest Schedule of Classes for a complete list.

Online courses are only available to students who have been formally admitted to UGA through the Graduate School.

Agricultural and Applied Economics

Animal and Dairy Science

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Leadership

Crop and Soil Sciences


Environmental Economics and Management

Food Science and Technology

  • Directed Project in Food Science - FDST 7007E
  • Food Formulation and Preservation - FDST 7010E
  • Integration of Multidisciplinary Topics in Foods - FDST 7020E
  • Food Biochemical Reactions - FDST 7030E
  • Microbial Hazards in Food: Assessment and Control - FDST 7060E
  • Functional Foods - FDST 7070E
  • Contemporary Advances and Issues in Food Packaging Technology - FDST 7080E
  • Innovations in Food Processing - FDST 7090E
  • Culinary Essentials for the Food Scientist and Technologist - FDST 7100E
  • Principles of HACCP and Microbial Spoilage for Food Professionals - FDST 7110E
  • Food Fermentation Technology - FDST 7120E
  • Shelf Life of Packaged Food and Beverages - FDST 7130E
  • Food Regulation and Policy - FDST 7140E
  • Food Ingredients and Function - FDST 7150E
  • Sensory Evaluation for Food Professionals - FDST 7160E
  • Marketing of Value-Added Foods - FDST 7180E
  • Food Product Development - FDST 7250E
  • Special Problems in Food Technology - FDST 7700E
  • Topics in Food Technology - FDST 7900E


Poultry Science

  • General Nutrition and the Organization of Feeding Studies - POUL 8150E