Application submission deadline: January 31


To Apply:

  • Complete the online application that includes short essay questions *Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Select program campus location (Athens, Griffin, or Tifton).
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from science or math teachers. *Ask your teachers for a recommendation letter well before the application deadline.
  • Submit an official school transcript.


Applying to the Young Scholars Program – creating an account

  1. The “Apply to YSP Now” link will take you to the “CAES Scholarship” website.
  2. Click “High School Log-in” and select “Request an account”.
  3. Enter your email address, click “submit request”.
  4. Check the email address you entered. You will receive an email with the subject “CAES Scholarship Account Request” (please give the system 5 – 10 minutes to send you the email).
  5. Once you receive the email message, follow the instructions in the message and enter a desired username on the form and click “submit”.
  6. After you click submit, the system will take you back to the login form and ask you to log-in.
  7. Log-in using the username and password you submitted earlier.
  8. Under the “Student Home” click “View the full list of scholarship offered”.
  9. Click “Young Scholars Internship Program”.
  10. Click “Continue/Start Scholarship Application” and follow prompts.


Review and Submit the application

  • Complete all requested information on the application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Click submit at the end of the application. *Requests for recommendation letters will be sent to your teachers upon submission of a completed application.
  • Follow-up with your recommenders before the application deadline to confirm that they received a request for a letter of recommendation. Ask them to complete and submit the letter of recommendation before the application deadline.

Submit YSP application
Apply to YSP now

Just the Facts


UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Science


Five-week paid summer internship program for high school students interested in agricultural, food, and environmental sciences.


UGA Athens, Griffin, or Tifton campus


May 29  - July 9: Internship Program

July 10  - July 12: Young Scholars Pre-Collegiate Research Conference

Application information:

Apply online. Applications due January 31


What Should I Study?

To learn more about CAES majors and how to apply to UGA, visit Undergraduate Program.

147 Cedar Street
Athens, GA 30602