Undergraduate Requirements

23 hours of coursework is required to complete the International Agriculture Certificate Program.

Specific requirements include:

Foreign Language (8 hours)

  • Complete or exempt language courses and/or participate in a language intensive study abroad.

Internationally Oriented Courses (9 hours)

International Agriculture Course (3 hours)

  • Choose one of the following...
  • ALDR/AFST/LACS 4710: International Agriculture Development
  • ALDR 3820: Reflections on Fighting Hunger
  • AESC 3150: Topics in International Agriculture
  • Must be completed before the International Agriculture Internship

AESC 3910: International Agriculture Internship (3 hours)

  • Participate in a UGA-organized international internship or a semester exchange. In order to qualify for credit, your internship must be completed in a country where English is not the primary languag and incorporate a minimum stay of eight weeks.

Internationally Oriented Courses:

International Agriculture Certificate students are required to complete 9 credits of internationally oriented coursework in addition to the foreign language, International Agriculture Course, and International Agriculture Internship.  Pre-approved College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) courses are listed below, however students may complete this requirement by taking courses outside of CAES. To request acceptance of a course not on this list, the course syllabus must be submitted to the International Agriculture Certificate Program for consideration.

Agricultural and Applied Economics

  • AAEC 2710 Food Fights: Analysis of Global Food Policy Issues
  • AAEC 3400 Introduction to Agricultural Policy
  • AAEC 4650 Environmental Economics
  • AAEC(AFST)(ENVM) 4720 Food Security, Economic Development, and the Environment
  • AAEC(ADSC) 3911 International Agribusiness Marketing and Management (Uruguay Study Abroad)
  • AAEC 4730 The World Food Economy

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • AESC 2050 Effects of Global Agriculture on World Culture
  • AESC 2990S Understanding and Communicating with the Latino Community in the Green Industry
  • AESC 3160 Food Production Systems in Western Europe (France Study Abroad)
  • AESC(EETH) 4190 Agricultural Ethics

Agricultural Leadership

  • ALDR 3800S Scotland Service-Learning Project: Addressing Food Insecurity Issues (Scotland Study Abroad)
  • ALDR 3810S Scotland Service-Learning Project: Addressing Food Insecurity Issues Locally/Globally (Scotland Study Abroad)
  • ALDR 4540 Advanced Leadership Theories, Ethics, and Culture
  • ALDR 4600 Issues in Contemporary Agriculture

Agricultural Communication

  • AGCM 4300S Culture-Centered Communication and Engagement
  • AGCM 4310S Romania: Culture-Centered Communication and Engagement (Study Abroad)

Crop and Soil Sciences

  • CRSS 2001 Terror and the Food Supply
  • CRSS 4020S Social Sustainability in Agricultural and Food Systems
  • CRSS(HORT) 4400 Agro-Ecology
  • CRSS(HORT) 4400L Agro-Ecology Laboratory
  • CRSS 5330 Wildlife Management in Agricultural Systems


  • ENTO 3140 Insect Natural History
  • ENTO 3140L Insect Natural History Laboratory

Food Science and Technology

  • FDST(HORT)(PATH) 3050 Viticulture and Enology in the Mediterranean Region (Italy Study Abroad)
  • FDST 4150 Coffee (El Grano de Oro): From Bean to Cup (Costa Rica Study Abroad)


  • HORT 3020 Introduction to Fruit Crops
  • HORT(ANTH)(PBIO) 3440 Herbs, Spices, Medicinal Plants
  • HORT 3900 Horticultural Study Tour (Europe Study Abroad)
  • HORT 4990 Environmental Issues in Horticulture

Plant Pathology

  • PATH 2000H Social Impact of Plant Diseases
  • PATH(ANTH) 2010 Plants, Pathogens, and People
  • PATH(ANTH)(PBIO) 3010 Fungi: Friends and Foes

Poultry Science

  • POUL 4150 Field Studies in Avian Biology (Costa Rica Study Abroad)