AG*IDEA is a national consortium of land grant universities offering courses, certificates and programs in agricultural curriculum taught by experienced faculty. AG*IDEA's online establishment provides flexibility and balance for students who are researchers, educators, community leaders, family members and working professionals looking for career advancement.

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AG*IDEA Programs

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences participates in the Animal Science Graduate Certificate program. For a complete listing of courses through AG*IDEA, please visit

Animal Science Graduate Certificate

  • Provides courses in the major disciplinary areas of animal science.
  • Intended for individuals holding BS degrees in animal science or closely related fields.
  • Students work with faculty at their admitting institution to enroll in courses to meet their specific educational needs.
  • Courses included are:
    • Introductory Ruminant Nutrition
    • Non-Ruminant Nutrition
    • Reproductive Physiology
    • Selection of Domestic Animals
    • Meat Science
  • View the Animal Science Graduate Certificate course matrix.

For more information about this certificate, please contact Dr. Michael Azain at