Poultry Science

One of the top poultry science programs in the country
The University of Georgia is home to the No. 1 poultry science college in the nation ("The Best Poultry Science Colleges of 2017," Universities.com). UGA's poultry research helped Georgia become the country's top poultry producer by developing and applying technology to keep birds comfortable and healthy while minimizing environmental impact through better housing systems and new protocols for disease prevention. UGA poultry science research programs include poultry health, nutrition, physiology, genetics and molecular biology, environmental management, microbiology and food safety, processing technology, reproduction, and bird well-being.
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Research conducted in the Department of Poultry Science has three primary functions:

  • Add to the base of scientific knowledge
  • Provide opportunities for appropriate graduate degree training programs
  • Provide information that will be useful to the poultry industry in Georgia

These research programs include the following areas:  

  • Poultry Health
  • Nutrition
  • Physiology
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Environment
  • Management
  • Microbiology
  • Processing Technology
  • Coccidiosis

In addition to the research efforts outlined above, the department has identified two major focus areas for collaborative efforts among faculty. These areas have been identified as important areas that are relevant to current industry concerns and needs.

  • Processing/slaughter technology impact on yield and further processing
  • Nutrition/genetic/management relationships with regard to new genetic stocks