Academic Dismissal

Students are placed on Academic Dismissal when their cumulative grade point average remains below a 2.0 and, while on Academic Probation following a return from an Academic Suspension, they do not maintain a 2.25 semester GPA. Students receive an email to their UGA email address notifying them of the change to their academic standing immediately following the term in which they are dismissed.

Students on Academic Dismissal are not permitted to enroll at UGA for at least one calendar year.  Due to this required break, if you’ve registered for classes next semester, your schedule has been canceled by the Office of the Registrar. Please consider the following:

  • If you receive financial aid or have already paid your fees, you should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for further guidance. They can be reached at or 706-542-6147.
  • If you are living on campus, contact University Housing to discuss how this impacts your housing arrangements.

This dismissal period is designed to allow students time to take care of themselves and focus their energy on the issues that impacted their academic life at UGA; it is not meant to be a punishment.

While this news may be discouraging, we believe that you have the ability to return to good academic standing and we will continue to support you as you navigate this process. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the CAES Academic Coach.

At the end of your Academic Dismissal year, permission to return to UGA can only be granted by appealing to the Petitions Subcommittee of the University Educational Affairs Committee (EAC).

When CAES students are placed on Academic Dismissal, they are required to first meet with the CAES Academic Coach to discuss what happened during their time enrolled at UGA. Together with the coach, students develop a plan of action to either take more time off or submit a petition for readmission.

Requirements for Readmission:

All deadlines must be met. We encourage you to start this process early.

Semester Returning Deadline for Reflection & Success Plan to be Submitted to Academic Affairs Deadline to Meet with Assistant Dean
Fall May 1st June 1st
Spring October 1st November 1st
Summer February 1st March 1st

A student placed on Academic Dismissal should follow these steps:

  1. Contact the CAES Academic Coach when they are ready to discuss their situation. During their meeting with the Academic Coach, the student will develop a plan for what to do during their time off, when and if to petition, and how to begin the petition process. The Academic Coach will guide the student through the petition process and will let them know when they are approved to turn in their petition and move forward through the process.
  2. During this time, it is expected that students will reflect on their experience at UGA and identify what barriers prevented them from achieving their academic goals while on Academic Probation. Being placed on Academic Dismissal means there have been multiple semesters of unsatisfactory grades, and it is imperative that students have a well thought out and thorough plan of action to implement if they return. The year off is a prime opportunity to develop a plan and reflect on and address any issues they may be facing.
  3. After meeting with the Academic Coach, the student should follow these steps:
    • Prepare a petition for readmission
      • Students should discuss what happened while they were at UGA that led to their dismissal, what they did with their time off, their specific plan to be successful at UGA, and why they believe they are now ready to return (as opposed to waiting). Students should be sure to include their contact information  including their 81x number and the requested semester of return and answer the following questions:
        • What's different now?
        • How do you know you will be successful?
      • Submit the petition to the Academic Coach for feedback.
    • Meet with the student's Faculty Mentor or the department's Undergraduate Coordinator
      • The student should provide their petition to the Faculty Mentor or Coordinator when setting up their appointment.
      • The student and Faculty Mentor or Coordinator should then meet to discuss the petition, and the student should request a letter of support.
      • The student should ensure that the Faculty Mentor or Coordinator submits the letter of support directly to the Director of Academic Advising.
    • Submit the petition via email to the Director of Academic Advising. Once both the petition and letter of support have been received by the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs, an appointment will be scheduled for the student to present their petition.
    • Dr. Doug Bailey, Assistant Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs, will review the materials and meet with the student, along with the Academic Coach, to discuss the petition. This is the time for the student to make their case that they are prepared to return to school. Based on this meeting, CAES may or may not support the student's petition.
    • Submit petition materials to the EAC by the appropriate deadline.
      • Students are responsible for submitting their petition letter and any supporting documentation. The Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs will forward the faculty letter of support.
      • Instructions for submitting an appeal can be found here.
      • The student will receive an email to their UGA email address notifying them of the petition's approval or denial from the EAC.

Students scheduling an appointment are required to fill out this form prior to making an appointment in SAGE. Meetings are by appointment only.

For more information on UGA Academic Regulations, please refer to the Bulletin.

CAES Academic Coach

Jocelyn Susana Jimenez-ruiz
Office of the Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs

Summer 2024 Office Hours:
Tuesday, 10:00AM-3:00PM
Wednesday, 10:00AM-3:00PM
Thursday, 12:00PM-4:00PM