Academic Coaching

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences aims to provide a safe space for students to voice their concerns, confide in someone, and be provided with resources that may help in resolving any difficulties including and beyond academic probation.

To this end, CAES partners with the UGA Division of Academic Enhancement to provide academic coaching to give students the support they need to achieve academic success at UGA.

Academic Coaching is here to:

  • Assist any undergraduate CAES student.
  • Help students identify the source(s) of academic difficulties and design a plan of action to resolve the issue(s).
  • Refer students to resources on campus and in the community.
  • Provide information about tutoring.
  • Help retain students who are at risk for academic probation and dismissal.

Information about Academic Coaching for:

Academic Coaching welcomes referrals from academic advisors or direct appointments by students.

Students in good standing who would like to meet with an Academic Coach should log into SAGE with their UGA MyID and password, choose "My Success Network" from the (left) side menu, click "SHOW OTHER SERVICES", and select Division of Academic Enhancement to view team members. To view calendars and schedule an appointment, choose "View Profile" under a Coach and select "Schedule". Students must complete the Academic Coaching intake survey before their first session.