Austria: BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

Spend a semester at BOKU in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

About the Program

The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) is located in the beautiful and classic city of Vienna, Austria. College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences students of all backgrounds and majors can find exciting study areas at BOKU.  

Founded in 1872, BOKU is considered an "Ivy League" university among agricultural institutions in Europe, and is still the main university for agricultural research and teaching in Austria.

When not in class, students can explore this German-speaking country and the many aspects that make it so special to its visitors. Austria's baroque-period architecture, mountain villages, imperial history and alpine terrain make it an exciting place to study and dive into a new atmosphere.

While at BOKU, CAES students may study:

  • Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology
  • Applied Limnology 
  • Mountain Forestry
  • Water Management and Environmental Engineering 

How to Apply:

  • Schedule an appointment with Caroline Hinton for exchange semester advising
  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor 
  • Apply on the Study Away Portal (you must first be accepted by UGA)  
  • If accepted, UGA will nominate you for a semester at BOKU and you will begin the application process with BOKU


CAES Experiential Learning Scholarship

The CAES Experiential Learning scholarship is available to CAES undergraduate students pursuing experiential learning activities. Eligible experiential learning activities include study abroad programs, internships, fellowships, service-learning projects, professional development, leadership-building programs and entrepreneurship. Students participating in both credit and non-credit experiential learning activities may apply. This scholarship is supported in part by the Deans' Promise Fund. Applications are open to all who intend to participate in Experiential Learning in Fall 2023, Spring 2024 or Summer 2024. CAES students may apply BEFORE a program runs and BEFORE they are accepted. However, scholarship money will not be awarded until the student is officially accepted and committed to the program, and in the respective semester. The first wave of applications will be due October 1, 2023. **Please note: this application is not intended for students applying to the following programs: Congressional Ag Fellows, Georgia Legislative Internship, Georgia Agribusiness Council Internship or the Winegrowers of Georgia Internship. Separate online applications are available for those programs.

Quick Facts

Location: Vienna, Austria

Exchange Semesters: Fall, Spring or Academic Year

National Language: German (all classes taught in English)

Student Population: 10,000 Students

Available for: Any CAES or UGA student

Information for Exchange Students at BOKU

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