Cuba: Food Security and Sustainability in an Economy in Transition

Immerse yourself in bright, beautiful Cuba while studying this Caribbean country’s changing economy and society.

About this Program

Get a front-row seat to the evolution of Cuba’s economy and society as part of this two-week study abroad course, which focuses on food security, environmental sustainability and the potential transition to a market economy open to global trade.

You'll learn about Cuban history, its economic and political system, health care system and diet, along with its agriculture, farming policies and practices through guest lectures, interactions with local students and field trips to organic farms. You'll also tour agro-markets, bodegas and supermarkets; a variety of farming operations; and a local health clinic in Havana.

As part of an overnight excursion, you’ll tour coffee and tobacco farms. Visits to the Museum of the Revolution and Fábrica de Arte Cubano will expose you to Cuban culture, as will a salsa lesson and antique car tour and chop shop visit. After spending time in Havana, you’ll travel to a rural farming community, where you’ll get hands-on experience interacting with local producers and engaging in community farming activities.

This course provides you with an opportunity to explore a country in economic transition and to gain a greater understanding of international economics, policy and trade, agriculture, and the environment.


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Quick Facts

Dates: Maymester 2024

Estimated Program Fee: $2,500 + Tuition and Fees + Airfare

Courses: AAEC (ENVM) (FHCE) (AFST) (ADSC) 3911 or AAEC 8020 (3 hours)

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Susana Ferreira Professor
Agricultural & Applied Economics