Preprofessional Studies

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) offers majors that prepare students for admission to medical and allied health sciences, veterinary, law and other professional schools. Placement into graduate and professional school is second highest for graduates from CAES as compared to other colleges at UGA (UGA Career Outcomes Survey, 2019). To prepare for application to a professional school, students should check the degree requirements of the professional school(s) they wish to attend and choose a major that provides them with the most prerequisites necessary for admission to that school. If you are interested in one of these areas, please notify your academic advisor.

To learn more about the CAES majors that can prepare you for professional school, check out our information on Pre-Health, Pre-Law, or Pre-Vet studies.

Did you know?

CAES boasts the second highest placement of students into professional school of all colleges at the University of Georgia.

CAES Pre-Professional Programs and Associated Majors:

Pre-Health programs and associated majors
Pre-Law programs and associated majors
Pre-Vet programs and associated majors