Applied Biotechnology

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Students in the Applied Biotechnology major gain the scientific background and laboratory experience necessary studying molecular biology, molecular genetics and DNA extraction in their first two years. After this they choose an area of concentration in animal science, applied economics, food science or plant science.


See required Applied Biotechnology courses and available electives in the UGA Bulletin. You will determine the right courses to match your interests with assistance from your advisor.


To prepare for courses to earn an Applied Biotechnology degree we recommend you:

  • Participate in traditional agricultural extracurricular activities, such as 4-H and FFA
  • Participate in school and community science clubs and fairs
  • Volunteer in community gardens
  • Work or volunteer for local food producers
  • Volunteer or work for a veterinarian, farm, animal shelter or humane society
  • Take a multitude of available math and science courses prior to attending UGA

Hands-On Learning

  • Labs with live animals or specimens
  • Labs in the classroom and in the field
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Experience with industry-related technologies and software
  • Participate in student clubs and organizations
  • Internship opportunities with private companies, federal and state agencies, and non-profit organizations
  • Study abroad opportunities

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Devin Duggan
Devin Duggan Senior Advisor
Office of the Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Kelly Carruthers
Kelly Carruthers Academic Professional Associate

Class of 2019 Career Outcomes for Applied Biotechnology*

Applied Biotechnology major outcomes for 2019: 40% employed full-time, 50% attending graduate school

** Includes Self-Employed

*Source: Created utilizing data taken from the UGA Career Outcomes Survey. The charts above represent UGA Class of 2019 Graduates. Read more detailed Career Outcomes information for Applied Biotechnology.


What jobs can I get with an Applied Biotechnology degree?

Career Potential

  • Lab/Research Technician
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Health Specialist
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Research & Development
  • Medical, Veterinary, or Allied Health Sciences School

Median Entry-Level Salary



How do I pay for college?


Each year the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) awards scholarships to students enrolled in our majors.

CAES Scholarships


Financial Aid

To find out about deadlines and eligibility requirements, visit the University of Georgia Office of Student Financial Aid.