Hospitality and Food Industry Management

The Importance of the Hospitality and Food Industry Management Discipline to Georgia

The Hospitality and Food Industry Management Major at University of Georgia focuses on three of the following areas: (1) lodging, (2) food service, and (3) meetings, events, and conventions. Georgia hotels, resorts, lodges, and motels generate almost 10% of all jobs in the state, while Georgia eating and drinking places provide 488,000 jobs. Georgia lodging and food service employment growth was over 15% since 2013, and long-term growth in the lodging management occupation is estimated to be almost 10%, while food service management growth will be around 7% thru to 2026. The meetings, convention, and event industry occupation is also an important component of Hospitality and Food Industry Management, and the growth in those jobs within Georgia is expected to be almost 14%. In total, the three occupations are expected to grow annually by 8% and will have 1,810 average annual openings per year within the state. 

The Hospitality and Food Industry Management Major is vitally important to the State of Georgia’s economy and it will keep our hospitality and food-related businesses growing. Such businesses include hotels, restaurants, resorts, wineries, farmers markets and a host of other businesses that serve Georgia residents and out-of-state visitors where the business of travel occurs.

Why study Hospitality and Food Industry Management at UGA?

The degree program in hospitality and food industry management will prepare you for jobs across a broad spectrum of opportunities available in hotels and resorts, restaurants, meeting and event management, club management, agritourism and other related fields. Students will take courses specializing in hotel operations, food and beverage management, and meeting and event planning. You will also study the traditional hospitality management subject areas such as economics, accounting, finance, administration, marketing, human resource management, and strategy. To enrich your hospitality learning experience, you can also take elective courses such as sustainable food production, food science and safety, food policy, soil and water management, turfgrass management, viticulture and enology, and coffee production.

We also collaborate with the UGA Center for Continuing Education and Hotel, which is a 200-room full-service hotel and conference facility. The Center will provide experiential learning opportunities to you through practicums and internships and is the only partnership of its kind in Georgia. Additional partnerships with UGA’s Golf Course, UGA Dining Services, and Georgia Athletic Hospitality will also provide similar opportunities for students interested in careers in club management, institutional foodservice, and catering management. Because of these partnerships, you will have between 400 to 600 hours industry experience by graduation.

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Our Core Curriculum

HFIM 2500           Introduction to Hospitality and Food Industry Management
HFIM 3000           Marketing
HFIM 3150           Human Resources Management
HFIM 3160           Professional Development
HFIM 3180           Law and Liability
HFIM 3210           Financial Management
HFIM 3560           Facilities Management
HFIM 4060           Hotel and Lodging Operations
HFIM 4080           Food and Beverage Operations
HFIM 4580           Meetings and Event Planning
HFIM 4670           Hotel and Lodging Sales and Revenue Management
HFIM 4910           Senior Capstone

Our Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Viticulture and Enology in the Mediterranean Region
  • Scotland Service-Learning: Addressing Food Insecurity Issues
  • Coffee (El Grano de Oro): From Bean to Cup
  • Europe: The Grand Tour - Art and Gardens
  • Romania: Culture-Centered Communication and Engagement

Your Career Opportunities

  • Hotel and Resort Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Meeting and Event Planning
  • Club Management
  • Agritourism Development
  • Convention and Visitor Bureaus

Links to Hospitality Management Scholarships

College Scholarship Opportunities

Several scholarships are available to Hospitality and Food Industry Management students through the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department. Information about these scholarships can be obtained from Jo Anne Norris in 301 Conner Hall or at

Program Coordinator

John Salazar Associate Professor
Agricultural & Applied Economics

Academic Advising

Jo Anne Norris Administrative Manager I
Agricultural & Applied Economics
BLS Hospitality Management Salaries


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